We are set for life!

My soul mate, my best friend, my partner, my buddy, my sounding board, my supporter, my cheerleader, my go-to person, my kindred spirit, and most recent one, my business partner (LOL!), my beloved Husband!

A whole lot of loving & living as a Team! Always has been, 43 years of knowing each other since we were 16! Bonded in the holy sacrament of marriage for 36 years)!

We’re content to be within close physical distance of each other, even if we’re not talking or interacting. We enjoy the simple pleasure of being in the same place (ground floor of our mini-townhome). Where we work together, sleep on our sofa bed, have our meals, watch movies, etc. He’s doing something else, e.g. reading news updates online, watching YouTube with his headphone, learning to design websites & eBook covers, reading up on technical & technology issues, etc. And I’m doing something else, reading, writing, ironing, stitching, cooking, washing dishes, and we’re peacefully & perfectly happy that way!

Words do not need to be spoken most of the times! Each one easily ‘gets it’. We’ve had an enormous share of highs & lows, stressed out or fighting a lot, with the good outweighing the bad. We understand each other so well, finishing each other’s sentences, thinking the very same thing simultaneously! There’s a solid foundation to fall back on!

Oh, how we fight and argue quite often! We’re never passive, never give silent treatment. We just force each other to actually talk through, with him at the end saying sorry for something he is never or will ever be guilty of! LOL! I do really say sorry of course, even when I don’t really want to! But with such a long history, we know that we can always work through every fight & argument as in past many years!

He does small things that makes my life just a little bit easier. Doing seemingly trivial things better for me, no matter how simple. He never gets tired of listening to me, we never stop talking to each other, about anything and everything, e.g. trivial or insignificant, life-changing, etc.
Whether it’s cooking, doing the grocery, paying utility bills, both of us don’t mind doing as long as we are by each other’s side, every little moment in which we continuously share our lives together.

He asks permission in everything, e.g. who’s getting into the shower first, “am going to bed now, do you need anything”, etc. Always willing to make sacrifices, no act is too small or too big for him to make me feel that he truly loves me!

With God at the center of everything we do, we are set for life!


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