Scrawls of an Idle Mind: A Writer’s Thoughts on Setting Up a New Website

I’m a newbie eBook writer; after self-publishing 2 eBooks, only then I realized the enormous importance of having my own website! Thank you, WordPress! You’re an inspiration!


We love to highlight established blogs and websites to show how you can use to tell your own stories, but we also think you’ll find inspiration from new sites and fresh voices. Meet Nicholas Rinth, the writer at Scrawls of an Idle Mind, who was kind enough to chat with us about setting up his website.

You could choose from numerous platforms to publish your work online. Why did you go with

I found quite a few centered on poetry, short stories, and fantasy and realized most were powered by

The decision wasn’t easy. I stayed up all night reading articles titled “The 15 Best Blogging Sites” and “Excellent Digital Publishing Platforms for Serious Writers,” or something along those lines. It was like a series of ads trying to sell you their product by describing the same features over and over again (yes, I choose you, Geico).


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