The Color of White!

Outer Layers

Outer Layers – One day at a time

I love wearing white. I love the freshness and crispness of a good white blouse, skirts, pants or dress. Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, it’s still all white for me! It all started 24 years ago when I decided to forgo my sense of style. I used to be a fastidious dresser, with expensive taste in clothes, bags & shoes.

When I made the decision to wear only white, it was liberating, some kind of freedom! No longer had I to spend time choosing my outfit for the day, what color to match with this & that shoes or bag! I found it such a fresh and easy way, no complication, it is as simple as that! Even if wearing white makes me look bigger, I don’t mind it at all. It’s a versatile color!

During inclement weather or in winter, it’s still all white for me underneath my jackets or sweaters! Although I must say, white winter wear in heavier fabrics are now available, and it definitely makes a difference in bringing out the warm weather favorite out the in the cold. Even if white easily show stains or water drenched! Any time of the year, it is white, white for me!

Wearing white is a personal choice. All my whites are made from cotton. It is natural fiber which acts as channels of positive energy. The cotton fibers interact with the surroundings giving in positive energy and filtering out anything negative. I find wearing white chic, cool and refreshing. White reflects on my face, it reflects light and absorbs perspiration, so it gives cool and collected aura, even if the temperature soars to the hottest!

The color white is cleanliness, innocence and wholeness personified! It is the ultimate in purity. White is the color of new beginnings, wiping the slate clean. For me, wearing white is dressing with a dignified look, grace, modesty and understated elegance. With a clutter-free look, white strengthens my character and personality. I feel it expands my sense of well-being, completely aware of what my purpose in life is!

Wearing white is constant thinking about the Almighty God, offering all my thoughts and everything that I do to the creator of the whole universe.  White creates a strong interaction between me and my God, my environment and with everybody around me. White cleanses my inner self and purifies my thoughts, emotions, and my spirit. It refreshes and strengthens my entire body & soul. 

White blends with the energy of all colors which support and enhance the aura of white. I feel that white reflects what is inside of me, which is the pure love of God. This radiates to other people around me and to my surroundings.

An elegant white dress provides instant visibility to people. White gives impact and projection. People easily remember me as the ‘lady in white’! The only way we can connect with others, for them to remember us is if we make an impact with the way we project ourselves. Dressing in white makes a difference, it can expand our projection and energy, much, much more than when we dress like everyone else.

White connotes simplicity, innocence, cleanliness, equality, complete and whole, immaculate, neat and pristine. However, it can also mean sterile (as in hospitals/clinics), empty, isolated, cautious, plain, distant, unimaginative, critical and boring.

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