Vigor, love, and doses of laughter!

Upon retirement, we initially thought that our life has become a challenge. However, everything changed when we discovered digital technology, e.g. eBook writing, social media engagement to promote our eBooks, learn coding programs to create websites, application of multimedia widgets to enhance the looks of our eBooks, etc.).

It is a good life after all; so much to be grateful for.

Ours is a mix of writing & technology, a good combination. It is doing something together without so much fuss. I read & read, write & write; my husband takes care of the technology side. With digital technology, my husband is the relentless learner. He has developed a passion and goes deep into it in great abandon. Thank God he is a quick learner, with a career on the technical side before retirement. He gobbles up every free tutorial lesson offered by legitimate websites on web design and code programming. He created, builds-up, enhances and maintains our website

So far, we have already self-published 3 eBooks via, with our 4th eBook soon to be released via Apple iBooks.

Our life is about pursuing the delights to learn new things, be open to change and embrace it. As retirees and empty nesters, we now have plenty of time to read books voraciously, either print books we have accumulated through the years (torn & tattered, dog-eared, unread or barely read or half-read, or even forgotten books). Whichever way, it’s good to revisit those books, enjoy them at our leisure, no deadlines, etc.

Those authors are awesome, putting their life’s experiences into a book for our reading pleasure. There is so much first-hand information and knowledge and so much to read if we want to keep up with, and be inspired by successful leaders. The best & brightest in every industry read a lot. Documented success stories of distinguished persons throughout old & modern history show that reading is a huge part of their success.

There’s power in the written word. I’m a blogger and an eBook writer because I discovered that I’ve always loved to write from childhood. I always have a way with words, which was my pillar of strength in the corporate world for many years.

Before the advent of computers and digital technology, books were the only way of storing information. They will always have a distinctive place.

The Internet has loads of interesting information, we just have to be selective and know how to filter out damaging, negative opinions and destructive information. Information which is wrong, unhelpful or misleading which can make us disheartened, lure us to depression, thwart us down with negative and restrictive mindset must be discarded, rejected and never to read it again.

As naturally as a cat meows, a dog barks, a singer sings, a painter paints, a crafter creates, a chef cooks, etc. It’s the same with us, a Senior couple reads, learns, writes and creates with love, vigor and large doses of laughter. We argue, even fight, stumble, fall and rise back up again in our learning process. Our mantra/byword is never, ever give up in our 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc!

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