Resilient amidst devastation

My country, the Philippines is located in the so-called Circum-Pacific belt of fire and typhoon thus making it within the bulls-eye hit of catastrophic natural disasters and calamities, e.g. earthquakes as high a magnitude of more than 7, storms, floods, typhoons, and droughts. In a span of 3 days in 2013, the strongest and deadliest typhoon claimed 6,300 lives and left a staggering Php90B worth of damages.

In the deluge of misery amidst devastating losses, our people have been brought down to their knees and cried in overwhelming despair and hopelessness. The aftermath, e.g. harrowing pain of losing their loved ones, their properties, everything that they have worked for reduced to nothing, etc. But with their strong faith in God’s unfathomable mercy and grace, our people’s despair is only temporary.

Their resiliency never completely destroy their resolve to stand back up strong again, picking up the pieces from what is left behind. Nothing, oh nothing will ever break the indomitable spirit of our people. They are blessed with the gift to adapt and quickly recover from every crisis that they are confronted with. They strive to overcome the aftermath of cycles of natural calamities & disasters, even man-made conflicts such as war, facing these challenges one day at a time. They remain resilient in their ability to adjust to prevailing circumstances.

The world is in awe of the resiliency of our people, wondering how they can still manage to smile and laugh even when half of their bodies are plunged in devastating floods. Our people’s courage & heroic service to their fellow men, helping others in need when they themselves need so much assistance have touched the world, and have put a human face to being resilient amidst devastation.

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